I consider myself a patient, accessible, and personable instructor. One of my main objectives in the classroom is to create a non-threatening, yet challenging learning environment that promotes critical engagement with the class material. I have an open communication policy with my students and am always willing to support those students who are committed to their education.

Below are the classes that I have taught in the past (by school):

  • San Diego State University
    • GEOG 556: Spatial Location and Structure of Cities, GEOG 683: Advanced GIS
  • University of Redlands
    • BUSB 443: GIS in Business
  • University of Minnesota
    • GEOG 1502: Mapping Our World, GEOG 3/5531: Numerical Spatial Analysis, GEOG 3/5561: Principles of GIScience, GIS 5578: Programming in GIS, GEOG 8292: Seminar on Spatial Analysis and Modeling, GEOG 8291: Seminar on GIS, Technology, and Society
  • Portland State University
    • GEOG 380: Maps and Geographic Information, GEOG 4/588: Introduction to GIS, GEOG 4/590: GIS Programming, GEOG 4/596: Visualization of Spatial Data
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Last updated January 10, 2017