I see my work as a continuation of the tradition of behavioral geography. Characteristic of behavioral geography is a focus on individual spatial decision making with the individual rather than the group being the primary unit of analysis. Valuable insight is derived through the understanding of individual knowledge, skills, choices, preferences, values, beliefs, and motivations. In addition, my training in Geoinformatics, with its foundation in mathematics and computer science, warrants a focus on analytical, computational, and methodological aspects in my work.

My research is driven by my curiosity in regard to the intricate ways in which spatial technologies intersect with individual decision making behavior. In my dissertation, for instance, I analyzed behavioral patterns that underlay the decision making of users of a web-based platform for participatory transportation planning. I also have a long-standing interest in spatial cognition, in general, and human wayfinding and navigation, in particular. Most recently, I am investigating individual emotional reponsesĀ in the context of virtual-reality environments.

Research areas: Research interests:
Geographic Information Science
Behavioral Geography
Spatial Cognition
Human-Computer Interaction

Virtual-Reality Technology
Individual Decision Making


Public-Participation GIS

Spatial Decision Support

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Last updated January 10, 2017